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A Mother’s Love Of Celebrations That Inspired A Late-in-Life Business Idea

September 14, 2020

EP56: Did you know that the things we love as a child can inform us of a future path? But often, life takes ahold of us and drives us in a different direction, only to realize much later in life, when we wake up one day feeling less than fulfilled on the chosen path.


We fail to see a connection between our past experiences and the path we are meant to walk. And like Lisa, sometimes the universe intervenes when we get a whack on the side of the head, which in her case, was a health crisis.


It's like Oprah says: "if you don't pay attention to the whisper, it gets louder and louder and louder. I say it's like getting thumped upside the head." This "thump" gives us pause to consider the alternatives that would not have been noticed had the universe not intervened.


We often look at a health crisis as just that - a crisis - instead of an opportunity, a gift from the universe, to assess where we are in life and how we would live differently if given a second chance. 


The things that made us happy, the important memories that lit us up from our childhood might be something that could lead us to a very different but even more amazing future.


This is a heartwarming story of Lisa's late-in-life passion that stemmed from her mother's love of celebrations: a gift-giving business, called Birthday Butler.


Lisa's story is evidence that we need to all pay better attention to little nudges from the universe, before we get thumped with a health crisis! The universe is working FOR you and is always trying to lead you to what you are MEANT TO DO!


So use her example that you are never stuck in a career that pays a great salary but leaves you wanting more. You have the power to create your own business based on a suppressed passion that may stem from something that you loved from a very early age!


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