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Breathwork: A Great Soul Connector And Healing Practice

January 11, 2021

EP85: Breathwork is a very useful tool if you are someone who wants to achieve a better sense of self-awareness, higher consciousness and as my guest mentions, ‘self-healing’. Our body is a natural healer and breathwork is a proven effective tool to mentally, physically and spiritually, improve our overall well-being.

In this episode, I speak with Kelly West, a Registered Nurse, Certified Neuro Coach and lover of breathwork! She helps caregivers banish burnout and build resiliency. We talk about the benefits of  breathwork, especially to people who experience anxiety, depression, and trauma. Kelly also shared an interesting story about how she got serious in improving her own health and total wellness.

With her combined knowledge with Neuro Coaching and breathwork, she has focused on helping women get unstuck in life, to let go of the baggage and negative energy and connect the mind and body to bring greater healing so they can achieve their desires without any distraction.

With her breathwork practice, Kelly wants to inspire you to be open about learning new tools that will help you detoxify your life. So if you are someone whose interest is piqued, listen to the episode to learn more and reach out to Kelly for a session.

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