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Dropping Everything, Death, and Diffusing - A Conversation About Doing What You Need To Do While Also Doing What You Love

February 8, 2021

EP92: In this episode, I get to catch up with a friend so it's a bit different than most of my interviews. We cover a lot of topics, some sad and some happy. But that's life, right?! We never know when a phone call will change everything, and that's what happened to my guest Amber Lawrence, in late 2019.

You'll learn a lot about Amber, who opens up about dropping everything to make sure her mom was taken care of in her last days, while also running her online business as an Essential Oils Expert.

Amber is proof that you CAN make massive adjustments quickly to adapt to the curveballs life throws at you. And you'll hear how she's currently living a minimalist lifestyle, traveling around the US in her RV with her husband and 2 Dachshunds! How cool is that?!

I met Amber back in my Beachbody Coaching days and she lit up my online "challenge" group with so much energy and spunkiness. I loved her from the get-go!!!

And as I got to know her better, I learned she had a deep love of essential oils. And ultimately I realized that oils were her passion, the thing that she's meant to do in the world, because oils have changed her life.

In this episode she talks about how she suffered with allergies from a very young age and how, at midlife, essential oils saved her. She shares valuable tips about the benefits of oils and how they have helped her with overall vitality and health. She also shares the heartbreaking story about how she ended up on her RV journey with her husband.

I'm sure this episode will give you an energy boost and teach you a bit about oils, and maybe it will even spark an idea about an obstacle you've overcome that you could help others with.

If you'd like to learn more about Amber and oils, you can find her at the following sites:

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