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Going From Medical Devices to Hypnosis: Tackling Problems from the Inside vs. the Outside

September 7, 2020

EP54: Today's guest Christine Marie Pizzuto, was in a career for 29 years only to realize that the job she' was doing was not something that really sparked her.


Christine's journey started back in 2009 when she decided to finally listen to that small voice that was sending her nudges to do more in life. In 2011 she started training and she eventually opened her business in 2013.


Now, she's a Board-certified hypnotist & Life Mastery Consultant with a deep understanding of what drives and motivates behaviors. Christine has helped countless of individuals create the changes in their lives that they never thought they could make. She has also developed a proven, repeatable system that helps her clients create highly successful businesses and  thrive in every area of their lives! She’s known as the 'Results Expert'!


Her message is to inspire YOU to listen to that 'still small voice' inside that we all have. She believes that when you discover who you REALLY are, and who you were meant to be, you discover that you are way more capable than you ever thought you could be and that you have the capacity to do it!


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