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My 3 Tips For Surviving The Empty Nest

December 18, 2020

EP78: When you have spent most of your life as a mom, it's a major transition to adjust your life without your kids being around. One day they are there and then poof, they are gone! And many of us parents feel lost when the that happens and are left feeling lost and without purpose.

After my Midlife Mindset Mastery last week, I received several emails from women who are struggling with the empty nest and it prompted the idea for this episode.

Since I already had the idea, I didn't use pull an Energy Oracle card as I often do to get inspiration for topics. BUT, right before I hit record, I decided to pull one anyway to see if the card would give me any additional inspiration to add to the topic I had decided upon.

I'm not sure why these card pulls still amaze me... Time and time again, they are EXACTLY in line with what is needed at the moment. I swear it's uncanny and it's made me such a believer that the universe is always listening to us.

As I mentioned on the episode, the card is: 'Walking Away' and it couldn't have been more perfect for this episode topic!

The card says, "This card shows someone walking away from an existing situation. She is closing the gate behind her and is walking away into a misty, unknown future. This card upright reveals that it could be time for you ti make a similar decision. There may be something that you're finished with, perhaps a career goal, a relationship, or a long term-experience of any kind.

The familiarity of the situation may be enticing, but you're now ready to look at your options on the open road ahead. In reality, an important new beginning is at hand.

This card also indicates that now would be a good time to let go of an old habit, an emotional pattern, or false belief. No matter how deeply engrained a negative pattern may be, you now have the power to release it and move on to a freer, healthier way of thinking and relating to yourself and others.

Whether it's in the inner or outer world, this card is telling you that you have the readiness and resources to walk away from the old and move forward now."

Isn't it freaky how aligned with the topic it is?!?!

So if you want to know my 3 tips to surviving the empty nest, then this episode is for you!

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