The Not Your Average Lives Podcast

My Long Journey To Creating My Own Online Business

May 28, 2020

EP31: Going back to where it all started! Sharing with you the story of my career from being a college dropout, waiting tables to entering the corporate world and actually becoming a Vice President at America Online (AOL). It may sound enticing with the fancy title and attractive salary but I would always find myself comparing my achievement to others and feeling less than instead of realizing my infinite potential which I now know exists in every human being.

I thought that by sharing the looooong path I took to get to where I am today and the choices I made in my journey, I'd inspire some listeners who think they may be too old to start something new. It's my story of never giving up on finding work I'm passionate about - work that makes me truly happy at my core and gives me purpose I've never known in any other professional job I've had before.

Starting a business is not as hard as you may think, especially in this day and age. I am proof it is possible when you don't have a clue but have a passion.

If you are feeling stuck in a job where you are counting down the days to your retirement "escape," I hope you realize that that is not a way to live your life. Let my story give you hope that there IS something better for you out there. The fact you are unhappy is the universe trying to tell you to do something different.

Let this episode be yet another whisper from the universe (because there have likely been others that you've been ignoring if you're like the old me!) that will kickstart the beginning of a brand new life adventure! 

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