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The Uncomfortable Truth About Silence

January 28, 2021

EP89: In today's episode I talk about the importance of adding silence into your life, especially if your life is consumed by an overflowing task list and you have a hard time sitting down, like the old me. And for those of us who've had the belief that busy = achievement, practicing silence can be downright difficult.

In the episode I also mention the free training I'm currently doing and the impact that a powerful "Future You" visualization I take the participants through is having on them. I share some of the reflections they've given me after going through it and you can tell how its opened up a connection to a deeper part of them.

As I've brought more silence into my life the past couple of years, it has opened up so much clarity and goodness into my life. I believe Silence has given me soul-aligned direction to the path I'm now walking that I realize I couldn't find when I was too busy being busy.

Now I use a variety of tools including, meditation, yoga, journaling, floating (and baths), and visualizations (and more recently breathwork which I totally forgot to mention on the episode!).

I hope this episode inspires you to delve into these "silence tools," get off the hamster wheel of life and learn how to listen to your inner voice.

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