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How a 7 Day Get-Away Unexpectedly Led to a Major Midlife Health and Career Transformation

July 27, 2020

EP44: Today's guest is Jackie Lynch, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and founder of the WellWellWell Nutrition clinic where she specializes in women's health and menopause.


She is an advocate of empowering women by sharing her knowledge and expertise about nutrition, diet, and lifestyle and is especially passionate about those who are in midlife.


Just like me and many of my guests, Jackie came from a lucrative corporate job and gave it up to pursue her real passion. After a life-changing spa experience, she went back to school and studied Nutritional Therapy and shortly after that she launched her WellWellWell Nutrition Clinic. 


She is also a book author and is launching her newest book this Fall. In this episode she shares lots of valuable advice as well as her journey that led her to her midlife health & business transformations.


The titles and links to Jackie's published books are below:


Her newest one, "The Happy Menopause: Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish" available now to pre-order on Amazon:


The Right Bite: Smart Food Choices for Eating On The Go


Va Va Voom: the 10-Day Energy Diet

To learn more about Jackie's work, you can connect to her at the following sites:






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