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Using the Universal Laws To Manifest The Success (& Money) You Desire

January 4, 2021

EP83: Did you know that there are 12 scientific laws of the universe? Most people know of the Law of Attraction since that was the subject of the book "The Secret" and then later the movie. Well, there are more and we talk about a lot of them on this episode. And they are all fascinating!!!

My latest podcast guest, Janice Berkenheger, is an expert on these laws and focuses on 7 of them in particular! Not only that, she uses them in as tools in her life and her business as a Manifesting and Money Coach.

Janice is the founder of Janice Berkenheger Coaching and has helped many women discover how to use Universal Laws and Manifesting to create the life and business they dream of.

I had so much fun talking about these laws with Janice and hearing her stories about these laws have helped her throughout her life, even before she even knew what they were. In fact, I felt we ran out of time so we'll have to do a follow up episode!

Janice believes that we all have these tools inside of us, even if we haven't yet tapped into them. And they are there to help us create anything we want - all we need to do is know what they are and how to use them. 

If you’re like me, full of curiosity and open to learn how the universe can help us achieve what our hearts desire, living a life that with more balance, peace and joy, this episode is perfect for you.

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