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What I’ve Learned One Year After Going ALL IN On My Purpose

October 31, 2020

EP67: I really can't believe it's been one whole year of following my intuition and what my heart desires! Maybe I should refer to it as my Purpose-versary!!!

The card I pulled for this episode, "Door to Value," is just more evidence that I am where I am - the last day of my most successful month in the business I started almost 2 years ago - by simply trusting the process.

It's definitely easier said than done!!! I remember the fear I had when I was contemplating my decision to quit my 6 figure "cushy" job near the end of 2019. And I remember all of the frustrations over the course of the year when I hit obstacles and missed some of the goals I had set. But I kept going and trusting because I knew the obstacles were just taking me further down the path to my purpose and closer to where I was meant to go.

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