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Feeling Unfulfilled at Midlife? It’s Time to Fix That!

September 10, 2020

In today's episode, I'm talking about the 5 different roles I've identified and how they relate to the fulfillment level you are feeling in your life today. I'm very passionate about this topic and have made it my mission to bring more fulfillment to women who have reached midlife and still feel as if something is missing.

If you're curious about what your result might be and are ready to get on a path of self-discovery, take my Midlife Fulfillment Level quiz at:

Once you get your results, take a picture of them and post it on Instagram or Facebook and TAG ME! I'd love to see what you got and would be happy to give you tips on how to move closer to the Sparked Soul level, if that's not your result AND you're ready to take action on the highest level of fulfillment possible!!!

If you'd like to connect or reach out to ME, you can find me at:


I'm always looking for interesting guests so if you have a great midlife story of transformation to share or know of someone who does, let's connect!



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